Furtherance / Rally

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.09.49 PMAfter a particularly harrowing LSD trip Nigel Diapers decided then and there, lying amongst a heap of cat litter sand castles that he had built and immediately crushed in his drug-fueled stupor, that the drugs were inhibiting him from furtherance. If he wanted to achieve his goal of becoming prime minister of Narnia he would need to rally, pick himself up by the boot straps, sew himself a new fur coat, and stick to doing Molly instead of LSD.

— Cindy Capleton

furtherance [fur-th er-uh ns] noun 1. the act of furthering; promotion; advancement.

 rally (verb) \rah-LEE\  1 a : to bring or come together for a common purpose b : to bring back to order 2 : to rouse from low spirits or weakness 3 : to make a comeback
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