Collywobbles / Pretend

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.03.51 PMWhile the idea of getting an accidental boner while presenting on fishery ecosystems at the United Nations Climate summit would give most men the collywobbles and cause them to pretend that their dancing peens were nothing but a trick of the pants pleats, Diapers remained unfazed at the thought — he was wearing a XXL diaper anyway, so it’s not like anyone would even see it!

— Cindy Capleton

collywobbles [kol-ee-wob-uh lz] noun, ( used with a singular or plural verb) Informal. 1. intestinal cramps or other intestinal disturbances. 2. a feeling of fear, apprehension, or nervousness.
pretend (verb) \prih-TEND\  1 : to give the appearance of being, having, or doing2 : to make believe : act a part or ro

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