Momism / Geyser

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.54.52 PMAn excerpt from Cindy Capleton’s dissertation for the completion of her doctorate, the topic of which was MILFs — The Cornerstones of Society:

“As demonstrated in the datum below, it has become clear that causation of MILFascination in the Western world (particularly in men of the upper class and upper-middle class) is due largely in part to the physical attachment established between mother and son, the basis of which is what we in the academic world refer to as ‘boob hypnosis,’ or process in which a MILF uses her boobs to hypnotize her son in order to establish control over him throughout his life. While most men are able to shake themselves free of this black magic, my research shows that men in certain socioeconomic systems have been unable to do so. Thanks to the overbearingly dominant mind control (also known as momism) used by MILFs, it is proven that these men have grown into irrevocable sissies who are afraid of anything from a harmless geyser to an innocuous butterfly. Evidence of the first victim of boob hypnosis goes back as early as Sophocles’ Oedipus, and if you would be so kind as to turn to page 69, we can explore this idea further. This chapter is entitled Oedipussy: The Emasculation of Greek Heroes by MILFs and Their Boobs. Again, this chapter starts on page 69.”

–Cindy Capleton

momism [mom-iz-uh m] noun, ( sometimes initial capital letter) 1. excessive adulation of the mother and undue dependence on maternal care or protection, resulting in absence or loss of maturity and independence.

geyser (noun) \GYE-zer\ : a spring that now and then shoots out hot water and steam

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