Switcheroo / Threadbare

picture-6Despite his ornate collection of pastel velvet tailcoats and his fancy-free, lackadaisical disposition, Willy Wonka was not the lovable misfit the world thought him to be. Wonka, unbeknownst to the public, was actually a creepy, ghoulish weirdo who liked to spend his free time shuffling around his factory in a threadbare monk’s robe and viking helmet while taking inventory and doing Cray-Pas sketches of his merkin collection (which numbered in the thousands, apparently). So dastardly was Wonka that he once pulled a dramatic switcheroo on a group of poor, unsuspecting tourists who had bought tickets for a tour of his factory but were instead taken on what the fiend liked to call “Willy Wonka’s House of Horrors: Merkinmania.”

switcheroo [swich-uh-roo, swich-uh-roo] noun, plural switcheroos. Slang 1. an unexpected or sudden change or reversal in attitude, character, position, action, etc.

threadbare (adjective) \THRED-bair\ 1 : worn so much that the thread shows : shabby 2 : barely adequate 3 : having lost freshness and interest from overuse
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