I must advert my most sincerest of apologies for my absence from Secret Touchings–but 355px-Reading_the_meniscus.svgplease understand that after November I fall into a hybernative state from which I can only emerge until the entirety of my now Rubenesque body is sprinkled with a mixture of Auric chloride (AuCl3) that comes from a concave meniscus of a beaker made in Geneva.

–Cindy Capleton

Having spent the last three days contemplating the meniscus of the buildup in my nasal cavities and sinus canals and other hardships and travesties in the world, I decided now is the time to advert to life’s joyous things, mainly expanding my vocabulary and expressing myself in sentences here on Secret Touchings.
-Gladys Potter

Percivel adverted from the tub “Look at the film on the meniscus of the bathwater Thomas!  See how me body secretions create an oily layer? Pop in if you’d like to give those wrinkly testes a soak!”

-wrightless smalls


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