Sprinkles’ belletristic interests were formed when, as a young lady, she wandered through a sex festival and gazed upon a statue of a man using his weiner to mark his page in a book.
–Lady Schwartz

In the olden days, a belletristic mind was highly valued, and even immortalized in marble statues and paintings–writers like Diaperius Stinkus (famed author of What’s Beneath That Toga, one of the greatest selling books of the Roman Empire) and Wrinkles Copernicus (whose illuminated manuscripts depicting the great dong show of 1347 still hangs today in the Metropolitan Museum of Art) have become great works of art. It’s too bad that these days, being interested in art means you’re either gay or totally useless.

–Cindy Capleton

Despite Marcy’s literary series “A Wrinkle in Grimes” being regarded as belletristic masterpiece, her choice to move into visual arts was frowned upon by any and all critics, especially regarding her installation of statues of famous zoomorphic characters crafted out of her own poop.
-Gladys Potter

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