Mr. Diapers can trace the cause of his PCP addiction to a life lesson he took too literally from his free-spirited hermaphroditic Nude Bingo 101 teacher his freshman year of college: Don’t simply muddle through life but rather indulge in all ye can to soothe the oretic soul.
-Gladys Potter

Pee Wee tried to focus on being an open, giving person and squashed the orectic, needy parts of himself that he felt muddled his attempts to be altruistic – but sometimes he just had to give in to the desire to put on a onesie, stick a pacifier in his mouth, poop himself and wait, expectantly, to be changed.
–Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Oretic/muddle

  1. Tam says:

    My yearnings are plentiful, but few more pronounced than the orectic desire for a world with no spelling mistakes, particularly in titles or when giving a word of the day, for that is a muddle most maddening.

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