Whenever Diapers grew listless with his city life (which happened more often than not), he would take the LIRR up to Babylon and hew the oak trees with his favorite butter knife. Unfortunately after years of this, he realized that he no longer found comfort in trying to cut down a 100-year-old tree and instead took to pooping on the sidewalks in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

–Cindy Capleton

A day of eating acid and swimming made Schweetie a bit listless, but she hewed to her honorable ways and upheld her agreement with her manager to sing standards whilst dressed up as Whoria Estefan at The Milkshake Factory that very evening.
-Gladys Potter

Two straight years performing a striptease act as toga-clad Julius Peesar, horny king of ancient Rome, had Wallace Tinkerton feeling listless, tired of the endless boners, leather sandals and crowns of thorns shoved up his bum. He wanted a change but preferred to hew to his profession so he reinvented himself as Lucille Balls, and performed sex acts with Vitameatavegamin in a polka dot dress and red lipstick.
–Lady Schwartz

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