“Of course I cathect in the idea of a potion-making class as a requirement in graduate school!” screamed Hankey, the class weirdo. “It has nothing to do with actual business, but at least it will teach us the business of magic!”

–Cindy Capleton

Little did Mrs. Diapers know that she was once a woman of high standing and good means, but that every morning Mr. Diapers fed her a potion of pee, purple stuff and cocaine that would make her not only forget her previous life but cathect in her current one.
–Lady Schwartz

Of course it was easy to cathect Marvin, with his subtle charm, endearing smile, and perhaps most importantly, his patented pork-me potion comprising cow pee, snake penis blood and pig’s butt juice that he shares with all those he meets.
-Gladys Potter

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