Sprinkles, ever the usageaster, ruined every dinner with Phil and Steve by constantly policing what he called  their “absolute use-poop of the English language.” Phil and Steve, however, thought that Sprinkles ruined dinner as soon as he showed up to the table naked.

–Cindy Capleton

“You’re such an annoying usageaster, Phil,” said Steve as he served himself a dollop of mashed potatoes during their bi-weekly nude candle lit dinner. “You know I’m referring to hot dogs when I say to put an extra large weiner between these buns. I’m straight.”
–Lady Schwartz

Here at Secret Touchings, we consider ourselves dyed-in-the-wool usageasters with hearts of gold, our motto being, “Get up, get your word of the day done, get your work done, get to dinner, then get to snoozin’.”

-Gladys Potter

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