Since winning the lottery, Pee Wee was building his dream home, complete with climate-controlled, state of the art Ne’er You Mind storage facility, hypethral kitchen so he could enjoy the constellations overhead while cooking brunch (his favorite meal and the ONLY one he eats) and obsequious manservant, ready and willing to do literally anything, even changing the diapers Pee Wee liked to wear (every other Sunday).
–Lady Schwartz

Lady Mendl was quite obsequious when her husband, Fat Tooth Mendl, proposed that they build a brand new, Ancient Greece-themed, hypethral tea house on the top of the neighboring hill, especially since she owed him a huge favor after he bought her 50 dozen rose gold Ne’er You Minds.

Cindy Capleton

Lady Mendl’s servants were obsequious to a fault, for she threatened (and often made good on her threats) to catapult insolent serfs through the ceiling of her hypethral headquarters.
-Gladys Potter

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