Pee Wee felt it his duty to spread word of the ‘glittering buns,’ a little known scientific phenomenon that occurs if the moon aligns with Uranus. In it, one’s butt sparkles as shiny and majestic as an ectopic sun but only for 69 seconds every other leap year.
–Lady Schwartz

Pee Wee also felt it was his obligation to teach college students about a rather ectopic occurrence that happens once a year in Tulsa, Oklahoma: a brief sighting of Cumberbatch Diapers, the long lost brother and sworn enemy to the world’s beloved Mr. Diapers. This  phenomenon has been compared to Big Foot sightings, Super Moons, and Mr. Diapers taking a shower.

–Cindy Capleton

I have always found it an impressive feat that Mr. Diapers was born from an ectopic pregnancy with minimal complications, but didn’t realize what a phenomenon it was until this year when he revealed to me that his mother had carried him in her brain and delivered him through her ear.
-Gladys Potter

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