The only thing that was going to stymie my plans to dress as an airplane for Halloween was the fact that the costume was child-sized. More determined than I’d ever been before, I shoved that suffocating airplane costume onto my body and my entire class accommodated  that it was the most uncomfortable looking costume ever.

–Cindy Capleton

Peter, generally territorial and jealous, has a tendency to cock-stymie his friends by casually mentioning various STDs they may or may not have, preventing the consummation of their barroom advances that otherwise would have been accommodated by the trashy ladies surrounding them.
-Gladys Potter

Phil thought himself to be a person willing to accomodate the needs and whims of other men and yet every time Steve wished to poop Phil stymied his attempts by racing into the bathroom before him, locking the door and reading Ulysses at the top of his lungs.
–Lady Schwartz

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