I cornered the syndic, gave him a quick whiff of sleeping powder and locked him in the attic for as long as it took me to– despite my boss’s orders to accept $100K cash for our offering– demand and receive a hairless goat that poops gold as well, which I knew that company stooge wouldn’t have had the BALLS to execute.
-Gladys Potter

Queen Shingz sent her favorite syndic, Lady Humperdinkle, to the six sigma summit at the GE headquarters in Connecticut–upon arrival, Lady Humperdinkle threw down her bags, slapped Jack Welsch in the face with the quarterly numbers for “Ne’er Thy Mindeths” (the queen’s newest corporation), and demanded that she be taken to the best attic bedroom that they had so she could watch for oncoming bats.

–Cindy Capleton

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