Pee Wee was so nervous he was unable to glutch a single sip of the frozen daiquiri before him. In an attempt to get rid of the sinful liquid he decided on defenestration and tossed it out the window, but quickly changed his mind and went downstairs to lick the spill off the hot, filthy sidewalk. After all, it was his 21st birthday and  high time he had his first drink, with or without tiny pebbles, piles of dog poop or pigeon vomit mixed in.
–Lady Schwartz

To scream “I’m going to enjoy this defenestration!” is just too much of a glutch–so

instead I will shriek at my collection of colonial dolls, “I’m really going to enjoy throwing you little rat bastards out of this window!”

–Cindy Capleton

With a glutch of chocolate chip cookies, sweaty brow, and exposed love handles, Stoogey defenestrated her Food Diary, Weight Watchers ledger and box of frozen veggie burgers with one swift flick of the fatty wrist.
-Gladys Potter

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