Phil moped around hoping someone would ask him what was wrong. If they did he planned to say that not only was Steve an argumentative orgy-killing makebate but he also doesn’t know the difference between a Ne’er You Mind and a pastie, and that some houseguests will put their clothes back on and leave after realizing this fact.
–Lady Schwartz

I don’t mean to be a makebate, but Schneider should stop moping around already — I mean, it’s been a whole month since he lost his weiner in that dog fight.
-Gladys Potter

Mendl began to mope when she discovered that she, for the 9th year in a row, was again elected Class Makebate. She thought that her junior year antics (stealing all of the Plan B in the nurse’s office, drawing penises over Italy and Japan on all the maps in the school and sleeping with the janitor) would have at least gotten her the highly-regarded “Class Ho” title, but she thought wrong.

–Cindy Capleton

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