Nan tried as hard as she could to slip into the classroom unnoticed, but Miss Flufferberg, the meanest pedagogue in all the school districts who had an unnatural abhorrence to late students, was waiting to pounce. “Class, please excuse Nan for being such a damn cunctation. Nan, you get the dunce cap today.” And she sent Nan off into the dunce corner, where Nan grudgingly placed a live badger hat onto her head.

–Cindy Capleton

“Ahem,” said the pedagogue Pee Wee had hired for the evening. Everyone in Ne’er You Mind Class turned and stared at Wrinkles, whose cunctation had interrupted a very important part of the lesson. The teacher grew concerned that with this rude interruption her students would forget to peel the sticky backing off their anal pasties and so she waited until Wrinkles settled in his chair and went over this part again.
–Lady Schwartz

Please forgive my cunctation, but I had a once in a lifetime chance to hear a lecture on pickles from the greatest pedagogue on the subject: Mr. Pickle himself, the walking talking pickle with the sheepish grin, infinite wisdom, and cool sensibility.
-Gladys Potter


Pedagogue play was Jorge’s favorite escape, he donned napsack and short pants -thickening up against them in anticipation of Miss Dahlia’s punishment for his repeated cunctation and general insubordinance- he lost himself as she sauntered towards him, slapping her ruler against her palm, beckoning him to assume the position, spread eagle sprawled across the desk, a palm full of chalk dust and a tiny, perfect crab apple at the desk just to the left.

-wrightless smalls

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