Mrs. Diapers agreed to marry Mr. Diapers after stipulating that he only wear his cream-colored diaper on Sundays, that she would be provided with a new Ne’er You Mind biannually, and that he stop communicating with her using a combination of mewling noises and pantomime.

–Cindy Capleton

“I hereby stipulate, as the doctor who birthed this mewling, fresh newborn baby, that upon turning the righteous age of 25, she be bequeathed with the key to the city of Wrinkelaria, the only town in all of PeePee Land worthy of her kindness, honesty, beauty and grace. We will all bow to her highness, Madame Cindy Capleton the First.”
–Lady Schwartz

I stipulate that all should be more like Cindy Capleton-no mewling, no bullshitting, no clowning around, but rather an effervescent source of light and love for the world to cherish!
-Gladys Potter

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