Wrinkles was now far more apt to wear a Ne’er You Mind than not, especially after the ravelment during the game of pantless Twister the other night at Phil and Steve’s. His indiscretion was confused with an invitation to start a wild orgy and Wrinkles was forced to explain the awful truth to the disappointed partygoers: that he found Ne’er You Minds physically uncomfortable and that was not to be taken as a sign that he wanted to be anything more than just friends.
–Lady Schwartz

Cousin Chris, a man apt to try new things in his masterbatorium, couldn’t resist the urge to try to shape his scrotum into the shape of a dog, but instead of leading to a balloon-animal-like treasure, it only led to the ravelment of his balls.
-Gladys Potter

Lady Mendl was thrown into a ravelment when she discovered that the gentleman she ordered to escort her to the 100th annual Tea Bag Ball was not the man she picked from the catalog. Mendl, apt to fix all awkward situations, grabbed her new male escort by the boot straps (he was literally wearing nothing else but boots), marched his naked ass to the Tea Bag Ball and discovered, (much to her delight) after an evening of tea tasting and bagging, he was truly great company.

–Cindy Capleton

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