Natch/sacrifice fly

I hit a sacrifice fly so that the gorilla on third base could score the winning run, but everyone in the stands threw popcorn and frogs at me as I stood there, ashamed, in nothing but a Never-You-Mind and bra with sequined Mickey Mouse on one boob and ice cream cone on the other. Natch, I was relieved to wake up to my alarm.
-Gladys Potter

Number 69 Nigel Diapers, the born showboater that he was, natch tried his damnedest to catch the sacrifice fly to even the score for his team (The Brooklyn Sharkers), even though he was actually just a bystander in this game and not in any way whatsoever a player.

–Cindy Capelton

The sacrifice fly was well-received considering the team’s morale was in the gutter, but nothing really raised their spirits until Mrs. Diapers streaked the field and handed out glittered Ne’er You Minds to every player. Natch, she was high on PCP and so didn’t remember doing it mere seconds later.
–Lady Schwartz

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