After an impromptu loan to Lady Mendl and the unexpected visit from his old college buddy, Mr. Diapers’s buttplug supply was dwindling, and he realized he’d have to stop at the Sex Den Palace on his way home from work to ready his sexual armamentarium for his PCP key party this weekend. -Gladys Potter

Steve took inventory of his armamentarium for his upcoming business trip: his custom eelskin suit, one gift-wrapped baker’s dozen of Ne’er You Minds, sixty nine glow-in-the-dark penis pasties, one rape whistle and a somewhat dwindled supply of anal bead spray cleaner. Steve admits that he overuses it somewhat.
–Lady Schwartz

Sabrina reconsidering her decision to brand Major – his manhood dwindled at the sight of the hot iron -ever the flexible mistress- she turned back to her armamentarium, grabbed the lube and resigned herself to another session of vigorous anal fisting.

–wrightless smalls

I learned in my History of Wrinklearia class that the true savior of the 20-Year Apple War was Phillupacap Diaperius–a distant relation of Nigel Diapers! When the armamentarium supplies began to dwindle, Diaperius single-handedly picked 5,000 apples in just one day. A true hero of our time!

–Cindy Capleton

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