Mr. Diapers only held onto his job as a slaughter house janitor for pecuniary reasons only – the minute he saved enough dough to take a trip to Majestic Diaper Kingdom, the omphalos for all things diaper, he was outta there.
–Lady Schwartz

I’ve learned that the omphalos of life is not pecuniary: instead, the main point of life is about finding happiness in the little things–jokes about a teashop ghost, a golden Ne’er You Mind, finding weird anime portraits of what you think you look like online. It’s all priceless!

–Cindy Capleton

“Get to the omphalos already and give me the cash, Mister,” Periwinkle said to the KFC chef through the bulletproof glass, which was his new way of dealing with personal pecuniary matters since losing his job at the Fart Factory.
-Gladys Potter

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