We had a barnburner of a time, breaking into Mendl’s tea repository and sampling all of her Adriatic stock! It was all so exciting until Mendl herself melted out of the shadows and gave us the scoldings of a lifetime.

–Cindy Capleton

Phil and Steve went to their local book repository for a Word Nerd party, Steve in his new custom eelskin suit and Phil in his standard stonewashed jeans. Turned out to be a real barnburner of a good time – in addition to Scrabble, they played Bananagrams, Charades, Pictionary and got hookers.
–Lady Schwartz

It was a real barnburner to discover that the fart repository I invented not only helped me build the world’s best fart sound app, but I also inadvertently solved the energy crisis, since bottled farts happen to be more powerful than the ever-loving sun itself!
-Gladys Potter

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