Lady Mendl’s tea-themed xenophilia has thrown her into a frenzy of internet research and exploration (she usually only left her tea shop to haunt the grave of her life nemesis, Lady Rasch of the Russian Tea Room)–while this obsession has grown trite (everybody knows that the only way to sip tea is with one pinky up), it is at least inspired Mendl to put her pants on in the morning.

–Cindy Capleton

Lady Mendl’s xenophilia was realized through her love of teas from around the world, as she subscribed to the trite but well-known and oft-quoted phrase, “to drinketh a worldly tea is to make loveth to the tea harvester, and to make loveth to a tea harvester is the greatest love of all.”
–Lady Schwartz

Carnie Wilson claims xenophilia but really just doesn’t care for her own trite day in the life.
-Gladys Potter

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