To describe Nigel Diapers in a sentence: tony, with a hint of constant nudity and a sprinkle of PCP-induced shame.

–Cindy Capleton

There once was a man from Chicago
a tony young chap, far’s I know.
I’ve heard him described
as a slug with great thighs
and a skin tone that near matched albino.
—Obsessively masticating, regurgitating


The best way to describe Stinks is a high power, high class, high fashion, tony HBIC who don’t take no shit from nobody.
-Gladys Potter

Phil, slightly jealous of Steve’s tony new custom eelskin suit, described it to Larry as “okay, but a little showy for my taste.” Larry responded by licking his salt wheel, presumably in agreement but hard to say since geckos can’t talk.
~Lady Schwartz

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2 Responses to Tony/describe

  1. J says:

    who is this new writer? not sure if i approve… interesting

  2. J says:

    whos is this new writer? not sure how i feel abt them…

    …………… interesting

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