Just like his vampire friends (and by vampire I mean cutouts of Robert Pattinson’s face from discarded magazines that were pasted onto popsicle sticks) Nigel Diapers is fomented by the sun daily–because unlike regular humans, whose days are defined by their zeitgebers, Diapers actually follows the cycle of Pluto, due to his overuse of PCP.

–Cindy Capleton

The full moon acts as a zeitgeber to Mr. Diapers, fomenting in him some odd behavioral changes including a deep-set urge to wear nothing but a bowtie and a Ne’er-You-Mind, uncontrollable twitching of his right eyelid and drinking nothing but glass after glass of purple stuff.
~Lady Schwartz

After a certain day in June, one will find Mr. Diapers in a perpetual state of nudity as if the change in season is a zeitgeber for his clothes, fomenting a frenzied rebellion against his body.
-Gladys Potter

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