Carp/en route

What’s my favorite thing to do in the morning when I’m en route to the office? Carp with my fellow subway commuters about the price of crude oil and gruyere, of course!

–Cindy Capleton

We were en route to Hollywood with wide eyes and big plans to make our mark with our gasser of a screenplay, “Mendl and her Monkey.” The only problem was Mendl’s incessant carping about her hair getting messed up in the convertible and the fact that it could capsize with the weight of the monkey at any moment.
-Gladys Potter

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2 Responses to Carp/en route

  1. Velma Creen says:

    En route to the restroom, I detected the distinct aroma of carp and cheese emanating from the balcony.

  2. Dr Banana says:

    He was en route with the saxophone and the goat cheese and everything looked rosey. Except for Rosey of course. She looked as dead as she was but no one wanted to carp about it.

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