Ad rem/connive

“So I says, all ad rem and in her face, I says, ‘Gimme my damn macaroons, you conniving bitch!’ Hand to god, that’s what I says. And then I snatched them macaroons out of her nasty claws and me and Tony ate them while we watched the game!”

–Cindy Capelton

The concept is ad rem: life is spent either conniving or relaxing.
-Gladys Potter

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2 Responses to Ad rem/connive

  1. Dr Banana says:

    “Are you quite sure this is necessary Pinoit?” asked Parnagot. “Well all the details were quite ad rem, I can’t imagine how anyone could have got it wrong”. From the corner, the conniving Alumonit watched in giddy delight as the two fat sisters did the Bopbop and the One drop with the curious addition of a half baked twist in the most awkward moment of the move.

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