I felt uneasy last night walking into the filiopietistic Super Bowl party–complete with kegs, pigs in a blanket, gigantic television screens, and painted fans–especially after I mentioned that I was rooting for the Steelers. 

–Cindy Capleton

My filiopietistic devotion to medieval times dictates that I dress in chainmail, live as a serf paying debts to my feudal lord and fear plague – while my guests are typically uneasy about jousting for their dinner of giant chicken legs (sans utensils of course), they come over anyway and we shoot the shit while curing hides over the fire.

~Lady Schwartz

I’m a bit uneasy at the prospect of our country falling under filiopietistic rule, but before I get too carried away I remember that Diapers will likely throw his hat in the ring and lead this nation to a new tradition of partying in nothing but a butt tassel and simultaneously melting away all cares.
-Gladys Potter

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