The world finally educed the reason behind Sal Grongerd’s eccentric martial behavior (proposing open marriage, putting up a moat around his office so his wife couldn’t reach him, introducing her as his business colleague at their anniversary dinner)–he was simply a stupid idiot. 

–Cindy Capleton


My eccentric professor, Mr. Wenis, was such a champion of learning by immersion that he built a time machine and took our lab section to ancient Greece where we were all to educe the Pythagorean Theorum in its natural habitat. I jumped ship and went instead to ancient Rome where I scored an invite to one of Caligula’s sexy parties.

~Lady Schwartz

After a lifelong career in the dishrag manufacturing industry, nothing could educe the eccentric and endearing idiosyncrasies of Petunia’s childhood self who had now been reduced to a one-track mind focused on soapy blebs soaked into fabric fibers.
-Gladys Potter

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One Response to Educe/eccentric

  1. evonballs says:

    My eccentric aunt, who claimed clairvoyance, would educe the pasts and presents of her clients by the smell and sight of lint on their clothing.

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