In a deucedly clever plan, Mr. Diapers and I sneaked onto Lady Mendl’s estate, hopped in her bedroom window, and stole her beloved and coveted khaki pantsuit!
-Gladys Potter

Since I was well below my sales goal for the month, I deucedly told Madame Pee that the khaki stretch bodysuit she was considering looked smashing on her, when in fact she looked like a boiled snake weiner jammed into a piece of old cheesecloth.

~Lady Schwartz

Cindy and Lady came up with a deucedly, rascally plan to stop poor Gladys’s sinus infection–continuously paint her nails khaki until her sinuses clear from the fumes, then dunk her in a hot tub til’ she feels better!  

–Cindy Capleton

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2 Responses to Deucedly/khaki

  1. Velma Creen says:

    Look again, Lady Schwartz. That khaki stretch bodysuit is quite attractive, and, on Madame Pee, decidedly – deucedly – wicked!! It’s all about the fit.

  2. evonballs says:

    The man in the yellow hat, was also generally in khaki, why that deucedly, curious George fellow, never called him “The man in the khaki pants,” is beyond me.

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