There’s no reason to get all persnickety, Janet! So what if we have to take an ambulance to the prom, at least we’ll be making a grand entrance! 

–Cindy Capleton


Ralph, the ambulance driver that picked up Mr. Diapers during his Stage III syphilis outbreak, was so persnickety about cleanliness that when Mr. Diapers projectile vomited onto the dashboard Ralph pulled over and kicked him out with nothing but a diaper and his madness.

~Lady Schwartz

I don’t mean to sound persnickety, but the dude driving the ambulance that I lie pooping myself in the back of could have at least driven a little bit faster than the pace of a snail’s great grandma.
-Gladys Potter

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One Response to Persnickety/ambulance

  1. evonballs says:

    My persnickety bowels have brought me to the hospital by ambulance on several occasions.

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