Turns out that due to the political correctness of most corporations, the old paregmenon, ebony and ivory is not allowed to be spoken in any language when you’re in the office. Those bilingual interns thought they had it good, but even they have to watch what they say in Elvish! 

–Cindy Capleton



Having confidently yet falsely claimed to be bilingual on his resume, Dennis was taken aback at his job interview when his potential boss spoke to him in Cantonese, to which he nervously spewed out some Pig Latin, a touch of nonsensical alliteration and a bit of poetic paregmenon, surely not gaining him any respect nor the desired position of  head inspector at the worm factory.

-Gladys Potter

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One Response to Paregmenon/bilingual

  1. Velma Creen says:

    OH!!! Shelvit!! You’ve conjured bitter-sweet memories of Shirley and Ellen waxing bilingual, prolific in self-designed paregmenon. I can only assume they’ve been consumed. Relvest elvin pelveace. Lelvoved yelvou belvoth melvuch.

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