Serry / posture

My posture was interrupted by longshanks’ sizeable member pressed against my upper sternum; the crowd in the train made us serry together like jews to the gas chamber, but it was no excuse for this arousing offense.
-wrightless smalls

The rain forced us to run sideways, our postures stooped in our soaking clothes; we took solace and were forced to serry together under the awning of a closed bagel shop, our breath rising and falling in accent as the downpour continued on. With his shoulder pressed against mine, it was almost as if I could see the electricity sparking from the contact. It was a Thursday evening…and I will never forget that fateful day, when I met Nigel Diapers.

–Cindy Capleton

In an attempt to get our ballet class to exhibit better posture for our recital, Madame Slappytits had us serry together by the barre and bend over as she jammed broomsticks up our butts.
-Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Serry / posture

  1. Velma Creen says:

    About to strike noon, Kaufmann’s clock beckoned a dense and huddled serry with anxious posture, awaiting beneath, the arrival of significant others.

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