Dana took on the nearly impossible task of panegyrizing herself, and wrote a stunning eulogy of her life and times–by the time she had finished writing the 7,000 pages, she had a light coating of detritus caking over her entire body and realized that she could have instead spent the last 6 months doing what she did best–shoplifting Ne’er You Minds and making prank calls to moving companies.

–Cindy Capleton

Dana found it difficult to let go of the mental detritus left by the half-hearted, fractured relationships to which she so earnestly clung. To deal with her pain, she simply put on a happy face, drunk-dialed befuddled strangers and sung to them a panegyric of yesteryear in her highest-pitched voice.

~Lady Schwartz

Peter Parker left my body in shambles, the aftermath of his infestation of my meatwallet was written all over the sheets, detritus amongst pillow shams, crusted juices of our loins used to panegyrize across the headboard what our parents could only have dreamed for us.
-wrightless smalls

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