At once uproarious salvo and palpable sadness filled the room, for while Lady Mendl was being honored at the ceremony as 2011’s Best Tea Maid, she couldn’t help but dwell on the absence of her lover, Lady, who had recently left her at the alter for another with superior “twerk” and “yanking” skills.
-Gladys Potter

The tension in the grocery store was palpable as a young Mr. Diapers forced his way to the beginning of the check-out line. As he insisted he be allowed to pay for his crushed can of peas with urine-stained plastic bags (in loo of standard currency), he grew more and more impatient until he glanced upon the shining face of the future Mrs. Diapers in the line. Her kind smile, a salvo of grace and understanding, calmed his nerves and he left the store having chosen to drop the argument and simply not pay at all.
~Lady Schwartz

The country exploded with an uproarious salvo, and the excitement was palpable when Jaffran McDoobles, dictator of Wrikleralia, finally announced his predecessor–his tranny son, Buttons.
–Cindy CapletonĀ 

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