A true bibliophage of his day, Carlton spent most of his time perusing the library for more of  his favorite type of book to pore himself into, and was easily rankled when all of the works in the Mythical Creatures section had been checked out.

–Cindy Capleton

I tried not to let it rankle me, but I really wished Senor Wrinkles would come out of his books and pay me a little attention- what first attracted me to him (his bibliophage status, horn rimmed glasses and disinterest in me) was becoming more and more of an impediment to finding my bliss.
-wrightless smalls

Nobody knows the sorrow of the rankled bibliophage just banned from his public library.
-Gladys Potter

I wasn’t exactly rankled persay, but when you called me a “porno-bibliophage” it sort of bugged me. I prefer the term “sexy sex-reader of erotic horny periodicals.”
~Lady Schwartz

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