Mr. Diaper’s Off-Broadway production of his original work “PCP On Me” can’t be viewed as a mere opuscule in his long career but rather a grand work commenting on how drug use and loneliness impede the growth of a man, regardless of his life’s successes in the ass tassel business.
-Gladys Potter

Before his death in 1827, Ludwig van Beethoven composed a series of opuscules centered around the newest trend in Vienna, a trend known in 2011 as sharking (a phenomena reintroduced on the scene by 30 Rock actor, Tracy Jordan which involves pulling a women’s tube top down). Because these minor works impeded with his major compositions, he decided to hide them in one of his journals until they could be fully appreciated for their perverted crassness. 

–Cindy Capleton

The Chairman chose to impede those attmepting to get at the prince’s junk; he side stepped and jazz hands-ed and did anything he could to keep the kingdom’s subjects from uncovering the velvet robes and discovering what a disappointing opuscule phalice hid beneath.

-wrightless smalls

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