Fortunately Mr. Diapers was generous with his time and allowed me to shadow him throughout my social work/community outreach course, which also informed my work in another class on world views and the idea of universal wisdom. With Mr. Diapers’ help I was able to develop an award-winning thesis titled “Pansophy, Pants Off-y: What’s the Difference?”
~Lady Schwartz

I often like to disperse my pansophy ever so generously to strangers, the most important tidbit of knowledge of course being a koan of sorts, tricky, but a motto by which I have found most of my success in life: “What would Diapers do?”

–Cindy Capleton 

JB was generous and skilled with his physical affection, his body had a pansophy of pleasure contained within it – as if digits knew all on their own from whence orgasms came.
-wrightless smalls

While Mr. Diapers missed the freedom to fall into a daily kef at his last job as a late night security guard at the town petting zoo, he appreciated the little joys of his new position as secretary of state, such as generous benefits and pansophy.

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