For the love of plebiscite observation and expanding democracy, Longshanks endured long days and sleepless nights of preparation, a turbulent flight to Nicaragua, and the utter uncertainty of whether the man who picked him up from the airport was, in fact, a fellow election observer sent by his agency or a kidnapper about to hold him for a ransom his boss surely wouldn’t pay.

-Gladys Potter

After the Democrats won the plebiscite to change all water fountains to chocolate soda fountains, the nation had to endure long bathroom lines, fights to stay hydrated, and sugar highs–but for the first time since the Brownie Act of 1968 that mandated all citizens to receive a brownie on their birthday–the nation was happy.

–Cindy Capleton

Joralemmon chose not to endure the democratic process, he holed himself in a cavern deep under the BQE, avoiding the plebiscite happenings with all his might, focusing instead on fingerweaving and celtic storytelling.
-wrightless smalls

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