Not only was the villain of Gotham City’s nightmares a sociopathic, sadistic, fiend–he was also a canny, satiric, calculating asshole who was notorious for his haggling at local establishments.

–Cindy Capleton 

Looks like I wasn’t canny enough to outsmart the omnipresent villain of our time: the working day. Luckily, I have truly brave friends to help me through it by finding professional clothing for the catawampus body and allowing me to eat ‘eggs in a nest’ in spite of said body.
-Gladys Potter

The Krumsvillian, or the Villian of Krumsville as the natives of the neighboring town of Grimes say, was canny at one thing: hiding behind a shrub and shooting at passers-by with the hose. Not exactly evil at heart, he was more of an aficionado of the good old practical joke, the harmless kind that even a child might find prehensible. While he envisioned himself as infamously evil, in actuality the Krumsvillian was the picture of obscurantism. Only those in neighboring Grimes even knew he existed, and while he enjoyed a good chuckle at the expense of others now and then, ultimately he was left alone to wallow in the fact that no one really cared who left the flaming bag of poop at their door.

~Lady “weirdly busy the last few days” Schwartz

~Lady Schwartz

I have watched 372 episodes of Law and Order Sexual Victims Unit back to back, spent the last 15 1/2 days poring over benson and stabler, victim after villain after witness after line-up after rohyphenol after Ice-T; I figure I’m canny enough now, I’m finna be a cop y’all.
-wrightless smalls

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