Rather than wallowing in our generation’s hopeless obscurantism, together Cindy, Lady, Wrightless, and I have chosen to learn one to two new words a day and put them into sentences for all the world to see.
-Gladys Potter

We all know about Frank Quadrascheff’s, owner of Fried-Freeze, views on caloric obscurantism–“keep ’em all ignant!” as he likes to say. “The more they know, the more they wallow, and the more they wallow, the less deep-fried Oreos they’ll eat!”

–Cindy Capleton

How dare you label my style of dress androgynous obscurantism! Just because I like to swathe myself in layers of loose fabric does not mean I am wallowing in some sexless facade! Doesn’t the curtain-like clothing, after all, allude to the meat curtain underneath?
-wrightless smalls

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