Mr. Diapers, forever looking from the outside in, had no real experience with living in a modern capitalist democratic society and so his own city’s ways, whys and wherefores were metempirical to him. His single prodigious ability of fashioning a diaper out of any and every available material was of no help and so he remained, and shall always remain, a stranger in a strange land.
~Lady Schwartz

I was in a prodigious state after leaving my metempirical mindset behind and dove straight into eating 50 pieces of miniature candies for dinner last night–until I threw up outside of my apartment building at midnight due to a sugar overdose.

–Cindy Capleton¬†

Predigious honor or metempirical trip? From either perspective, the fact remains that eating Mr. Diapers’s Own Pasta Aioli by moonlight will mesmerize hungry vagrants and seasoned foodies alike.
-Gladys Potter

The hours spent with you inside of me were bordering metempirical; quivering in wet, prodigious anticipation of your glistening shaft and it’s violent saturation of my portal brought me to a threshold on the fringe of any encounter I’ve had before.
-wrightless smalls

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