Celebrating November, we will be creating a subtle garlic-pumpkin aioli for spreading on your turkey sandwiches, dipping your cranberries in, and eating straight from the jar like I do as a post-Thanksgiving decompressing technique. If you’re feeling extra stress from the holiday grind, I also recommend watching this D’Angelo music video in extra slow motion–you’ll be so mesmerized that you’ll have forgotten all about the 3 pounds of that disgusting garlic-pumpkin sauce you ate earlier. Happy Thanksgiving! –Martha 

Cindy Capleton 

It is not a few restless nights that I find myself mesmerized by the sweet tang of aioli -all my lips moisten at the sight of it- chubby hands clutch feverishly for something, anything to consume it on, when realizing I don’t have any options other than my own flesh I smooth it on like lotion and begin furiously licking myself; I wake in the morning, once again sheets ruined by grease stains and shame washing over my glistening face.
-wrightless smalls

Mrs. Diapers -nee Ms. Stinksalot – mesmerized and then snagged her future spouse with the addition of her secret ingredient, aioli, to his daily staple meal of cigarette butts with wet newspaper sauce.
–Lady Schwartz

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