“What in the god damn dickens?” Cindy Capleton animadverted under her breath upon discovering a second box of cookies in her grocery bag from the previous evening’s game night festivities. “That Gladys Potter sneaked in more cookies!” Cindy couldn’t stay exasperated for long, however, when she realized that Gladys included a second surprise–that in the form of Chairman the cat.

–Cindy Capleton

My bandmates’ proclivity to start each practice animadverting upon our performance and orating a litany of reasons for which we shall fail no longer exasperates me, rather it now inspires me to a) rise above it and blow the minds of our ten amazing fans and b) expend my musical energy on the likes of a new blossoming project: Carey-oke.

-Gladys Potter

“Oh my lord in heaven,” I animadverted upon approaching the top of the stairs at work, upon which perched the feces of what appeared to be an adult human male. I explained to my coworkers, exasperated, that last time I was in this situation I threw up atop the poo and so was not able to clean this particular mess up. Four days later it was still there.

~Lady Schwartz (some liberties were taken but the above was based on true events)

Obtaining the piercing was a horrible experience, my clitoris was exasperated by the needle, and my ego was shot by the needle-wheedler’s non stop animadvertance upon the ‘mangled’ state of my lips majora -and yet- I plan on returning for at least two more of these delicious accessories, even though I have had to stop taking the bus.
-wrightless smalls

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One Response to Animadvert/exasperate

  1. bennet says:

    i love secrit touchings

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