His substantial member was known for propelling those it met into anoesis; I found that I was not exempt, I could barely remember my own name once swollen full with his delicious saber of pleasure.

-wrightless smalls

Manhattanville College brought me to an anoesis that would last for four glorious years, for not only was I exempt from science and math courses by no good deed of my own, but I was also introduced to fine contemporaries, such as Tooch, Longshanks, and Smalls, who would walk by my side through this shining new world brindled with legendary characters, fall foilage, and self-designed majors.

-Gladys Potter

After spending the last several decades in an anoesis, Gustav decided to get serious: he knew that he was no longer exempt from societal obligations like taxes, wiping his butt, and encasing his lolling loins into a pair of acceptable underpants (or at least a Ne’er You Mind), but was having difficulty adjusting and spent most of his time gazing at the galactic mare of his papier-mâché Solar System.

–Cindy Capleton, who was gone on Friday because she was eating Chinese food and maybe even taking a bath, but was sorry she forgot to do the word of the day and hopes you enjoy this

Gladys P. thinks she has us all fooled into believing that her state of anoesis is due to a combination of being exempt from the indignities of the rat race and twice weekly naked pre-dawn tantric yoga sessions. But I’ve been on to her ever since I saw her put a blotter of acid into her newly acquired Hendrix-esque bandana.

~Lady Schwartz

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