I let my tongue loll about his body, slowly exploring uncharted territories, until I made my way to the mare-like region of taint, tasting like the odd combination of tapioca and mushrooms.

– wrightless smalls

Sick of Mr. Diapers’ oppression Mrs. Diapers symbolically abandoned her bra and let her tube sock-like boobs loll about, dangle this way and that, and slap around like a loose ball-bearing. No longer was the mare-like space under her large flappy boobs available to Mr. Diapers for cover when it rained, not after that trick he pulled the other night.

~Lady Schwartz

“What are you lolling about the place for? Don’t you like your new school?” asked Ferdinand’s mother, who had recently transferred him to Mr. Wrinky’s Private School for the Extremely Intelligent due to the bullying he had encountered in his former public school, to which Ferdi replied, “Well, now instead of ‘crater face,’ the kids call me ‘mare dome’ and instead of beating me up, they compose and orchestrate cacophonous symphonies that outline my imperfections. Thanks, Mom!”

-Gladys Potter

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