Historians of tomorrow will forever analyze the harrowing end of the American Occupy Wall Street Movement of 2011: after weeks of conviction and suffering in the name of freedom, the protesters immediately surrendered upon the arrival and literal shit storm rained down upon them by Mr. Diapers, who it is said was paid several thousand dollars by the formidable 1% to make this fecal impact on Zuccotti Park.

-Gladys Potter

It was a harrowing experience, trying to convince Beatrice Diapers (former wife of the elusive Mr. Nigel Diapers) that she was no longer in her native kingdom of Buttsville, and that as an American, she forfeited all of her rights to shoplift placenta shampoo.

–C. Capableton 

Sometimes it is indeed harrowing to be an American, but since I look so good in red, white and blue, I don’t mind too much.
-Lady Schwartz

I am in the midst of a harrowing tutorial on how to do this. It’s in american.
-smalls, wrightless

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