Whether Mr. Diapers was trying to demarcate his territory or simply had an accident is moot now, since he’s presently passed out in our garbage can and unable to speak; all that matters now is how we are going to clean up his poop from our yard without throwing up.

-Gladys Potter

“Exactly how we demarcate your half of the toilet from mine is moot. All I know is that I don’t want my pee mingling with yours,” said Paul to his roommate Patrick.
~Lady Schwartz

Jankers the Dugong knew that he had demarcated his own standards when he trapped himself in a moot argument with his landlord, Sacks the Squid, by stating: “Hell, Sacks! If you don’t want me checking out your daughter’s cheerleading squad, then you can just throw me out!”

–Cindy Caplezone

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One Response to Moot/demarcate

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    It seems my lines of demarcation are a moot point, as you disregard them, shoving your disgusting finger near my face, encouraging a punch to the neck in return.

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