Ancient and Modern Cosmogony Course Description: In this two-part seminar we will dig deep into the venerated ancient Aramaic translation of the word ‘universe’ as ‘fart of God’ as we rethink accepted creation theories.

~Lady Schwartz

Though in the past, I’d have gotten angry with someone who subscribed to such an outlandish cosmogony theory, today I have actually come to venerate those who still believe that the universe was born from the ‘fart of God,’ for they have managed to hold onto an innocence and naivety for which I can only long.

-Gladys Potter

“Y’all wanna know about cosmogony!? You bastards want me to tell you how the god damn dirty universe was created?!” screamed Nigel Diapers, PhD to his first, and what would turn out to be last, class. “I am a venerated professor of Yale University so listen to me closely: the universe was created when Moses threw a bunch of pop rocks into the ocean, and then made some animals, who could talk. Now who in this god damn lecture hall can give me some PCP!?”

–C. Caplezton

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One Response to Cosmogony/venerate

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    I cannot venerate cosmogony, it’s got not relevance in my life. Cosmetology however..

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